Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekly Idol - Top 10

Maybe I’ve just been spoiled; I mean, this is only my third season watching AI, and the last two were pretty terrific, so I had high expectations. But this crew is like amateur night at the local Karaoke bar.  I've almost completely lost interest.

Here’s how I enjoyed viewed tonight’s performances … but before I do, how impressive is Usher? Wow. EDIT: I watched his performance the next night, and am totally no longer impressed with this kid. Sheesh. And I’m liking Ellen more and more every week. And Kara ain’t no slouch either.

There were three utterly terrific performances tonight, four middle-of-the-road, and three “meh”:

Lee Dewyze, total score: 23. Treat Her Like a Lady – the Temptations. Loved it!

Casey James, total score: 22. Hold On I’m Coming – Sam & Dave. Loved it, too!

Katie Stevens, total score: 21. Chain of Fools – Aretha Franklin. Whoa!

Crystal Bowersox, total score: 20. Midnight Train – Gladys Knight. Not her best, but still very good.

Andrew Garcia, total score: 19. Forever – Chris Brown. Much better than his usual crap. Much better.

Michael Lynch, total score: 19. Ready for Love – India.Arie. Good job, but not good enough to get me back on the Michael train … he’s still a tad creepy.

Didi Benami, total score: 18. What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted – Jimmy Ruffin.  Not her best, but still brought something kind of cool to it by dint of that wicked voice alone. VOTED OFF

Siobhan Magnus, total score: 16. Through the Fire – Chaka Khan. Yeah, no good. But s’alright; everybody has an off night.

Tim Urban, total score: 16. Sweet Love – Anita Baker.  Bad all the way around … poor song choice because he didn’t do anything unique with it, and poor performance for the same reason. But he does seem to be coming out fo his shell, which is great.

Aaron Kelly, total score: 15. Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers. Ugh. You know who’s done this better? Almost American Idol prior to tonight, but most especially Kris Allen … from just last year.

Meaning it will prolly be Tim who’s voted off this week, although based on tonight alone I’m thinking it should be Aaron (I know! I’m a HORRIBLE human being, and a big meanie to boot).  My overall rankings to date go like this (in case you were desperate to know):
  1. Lee
  2. Siobhan
  3. Didi & Crystal
  4. Michael
  5. Casey
  6. Katie
  7. Aaron
  8. Andrew
  9. Tim

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