Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weekly Idol: Rolling Stones Wannabes

See now, the thing about these weeks when everyone has to sing something from the same group or star or whatever, is that they have to either really rock it exactly like the original, or change it up in such a way as to be contemporary, lively, fun or emotional, and memorable … something I’d want to buy.

Call it the iPod-ed-ness or what you will ... if the performance doesn’t have it, I’m all, “Meh.”

So this week, there was a pretty even distribution of male/female throughout my scoring, which actually means either the guys are getting better, or the first week I watched was a particularly dismal week for the fellas.

Anyway, my hometown fave Siobhan (cuz she’s from THE CAPE!!) fair burned the house down; young’un Alex was superb; scratchy-soulful Lee and Crystal both delivered; and you do NOT want to mess with Didi this week.

Siobhan Magnus: Paint it Black. Song choice 10; performance 10, gut-check 2 … total score: 22. Way cool and WOW with the vocals. Very Phantom of the Opera.

Aaron Kelly: Angie. Song choice 10; performance 10, gut-check 2 … total score: 22. I so want to be done with Aaron every time I hear his song choice because I can’t imagine he can pull it off. Then he opens that mouth and BAM! Oh, its ON.

Crystal Bowersox: You Can’t Always Get What You Want. Song choice 10; performance 10; gut-check 1 … total score: 21. She’s freaking terrific.

Lee Dewyze: Beast of Burden. Song choice 10; performance 10, gut-check 1 … total score: 21. Oh, it IS a big deal, Lee! Loved it. Brought a thoroughly American vibe.

Didi Benami: Playing With Fire. Song choice 9; performance 9, gut-check 2 … total score: 20. Fierce, no? Do NOT play with her. I really liked this.

Tim Urban: Under My Thumb. Song choice 9; performance 9; gut-check 1 … total score: 19. I actually liked the reggae spin, but his rendition had a few too many repetitions.

Michael Lynche: Miss You. Song choice 9; performance 8, gut-check 1 … total score: 18. Quite spastic, but he really looked like he was having tremendous fun out there, unfortunately it did nothing for me. Certainly had no trouble going first, though.

Paige Miles: Honky Tonk Woman. Song choice 9; performance 7; gut-check 1 … total score: 17. Was a little slow, and a touch flat … and the AI folk need to teach Paige how to dress and spend some money on her … but she’s got the stage presence necessary and a voice we should watch out for.

Casey James: It’s All Over Now. Song choice 8; performance 8, gut-check 1 … total score: 17. Turned it into a fun country rave; forgettably enjoyable.

Lacey Brown: Ruby Tuesday. Song choice 7; performance 8; gut-check 1 … total score: 15. Weirdly side-dated from one 60’s-70’s style to another, instead of putting a contemporary spin on it. VOTED OFF

Andrew Garcia: Gimme Shelter. Song choice 6; performance 6; gut-check 0 … total score: 12. Went big, but, kind of flat. Not much impact.

Katie Stevens: Wild Horses. Song choice 6; performance 6, gut-check 0 … total score: 12. A little bit boring in an I-expected-that way; standard girl sings love song. Sweet, but not Katie’s best.

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