Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weekly Idol: the Number One Hits

Yeah, tonight wasn’t all that great an Idol night for me. The song choices were pretty much lame … or maybe not so much lame, as nowhere near the choices they could have, should have, been. And it really seemed like almost everyone was as pitchy as a poop deck in a hurricane. But it may be me, and my all fed-upedness with this season, which seems to have craptastic possible future idols, or perhaps it’s that I’m still (yep … still) peeved that Alex and Lilly were voted off, while Paige – for some completely unknown reason – is still here. Harrumph.

And while no one got perfect scores, aside from one glaringly horrible performance, pretty much everyone else was in the same range … ish. Okay, I’ll give you "ish" … but even Crystal, who was fantastic, started slow and was (gasp!) pitchy. Or woozy. Or something not right. Whatever.

Okay, so here goes:

Crystal Bowersox: Me and Bobby McGee – Janis Joplin. Song choice 9; performance 9; gut-check 1 … total score: 19. Started a little weak, then got in the groove. Crystal is one hell of a powerhouse when she’s letting loose, and this was no exception. My word, she’s incredible. I’d like to see her try Cheryl Crow.

Siobhan Magnus: Superstitious – Stevie Wonder. Song choice 9; performance 8, gut-check 1 … total score: 18. She. Is. Freaking. Awesome! I think she’s kind of fearless, you know? And I so love Stevie. Two things that I wish Siobhan would work on, though: 1) smiling all the time (not that there’s anything wrong with that, because she’s having a blast, but sometimes not the ‘right’ expression for the song subject matter); and 2) always starts soft/mellow and ends with a SCREAM. Change it up, girl. You can do it.

Didi Benami: You’re No Good – Linda Ronstadt . Song choice 9; performance 8, gut-check 1 … total score: 18. Didi’s voice has that singing-in-the-shower vibe all the time. And I am so jealous of that. The little twerp. Kidding. Maybe. Great job. Sigh. Yep, I’m jealous.

Katie Stevens: Big Girls Don’t Cry – Fergie. Song choice 8; performance 8, gut-check 1 … total score: 17. Look at Katie, kicking ass and taking numbers! I’ve never heard this song before (I’m not that out of touch, I know who Fergie is … wasn’t she married to Prince Andrew? Kidding! Black Eyed Peas, got it), but I thought Katie was terrific … almost as good as Put Your Records On was. She brought this slight country twang to it, and her vocals were strong. Very good job.

Casey James: Power of Love – Huey Lewis & the News. Song choice 8; performance 8, gut-check 1 … total score: 17. I am totally feeling the love. I have to admit I was having issues with Casey when he gave me flashbacks to that vapid tool Jason Castro; he of the shit-eating grin … but Casey’s the real freaking deal. And, you know, my love for Huey Lewis KNOWS NO BOUNDS!! But … and it’s a small but … his vocals are at times overpowered by his arrangements.

Lee Dewyze: the Letter – Box Tops. Song choice 8; performance 8, gut-check 1 … total score: 17. Yeah, yeah, I know … I have a soft spot for Lee; so sue me. This was fun, and it sucks having to go first. Plus, that voice. Yummy. And the, what? Scat/jazz/nightclub vibe with just a teeny-tiny smidge of Star Wars cantina? Delish.

Andrew Garcia: Heard it Through the Grapevine – Marvin Gaye. Song choice 8; performance 7; gut-check 1 … total score: 16. I figured it out! Andrew has maybe three notes to his entire repertoire. Phew! I feel better now that I know what to expect. Well, apparently I’m the dumbass because I liked it quite well enough, thankyouverymuch.

Aaron Kelly: Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing – Aerosmith. Song choice 9; performance 6, gut-check 0 … total score: 16. Great song. Awesome song. Catches my heart and drags it around every time I hear Aerosmith sing it. Very tough song for an amateur (and many professionals) to sing, though; and unfortunately, although he’s just about pitch perfect, Aaron’s voice is too, I don’t know … pure? For this song. It did nothing for me.

Michael Lynche: When a Man Loves a Woman – Percy Sledge. Song choice 8; performance 7, gut-check 0 … total score: 15. Bite my tongue but I’m getting kind of sick of Michael. It’s all the same, week after week, and not really even that good anymore. Stop with the same old, same old. Gimme some Mustang Sally with soul (real soul, not velvet soul). Right now you’re starting to look like that senior down the hall in the dorm that all the silly freshmen girls hang all over. Bordering on creepy, dude.

Tim Urban: Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen. Song choice 7; performance 7; gut-check 0 … total score: 14. Poor Tim; this is such a fun song, but he doesn’t have the higher vocal range to pull it off. Stage presence: check. Low vocals: check. Made me smile, but that doesn’t translate to radio.

Paige Miles: Against All Odds – Phil Collins. Song choice 3; performance 3; gut-check -1 … total score: 5. Just horrible from beginning to end. I want to be sympathetic of her vocal woes, but come on … it’s been weeks now that we’ve been hearing about them. Poop or get off the pot. I get the music Paige likes … I like it, too … but she’s not in the same league as the rest of the group these days. Do I even have to say it was pitchy? Because it was. VOTED OFF

Yeah, I’m wanting Paige out. Nothing personal, but the rest of this crew have been outperforming her regularly. In fact, three of those voted off to date have outperformed Paige: Lilly Scott, Alex Lambert, and Lacey Brown. Maybe even Katelyn Epperly (I know! You’re all “Katelyn?!? You couldn’t STAND her!”) … go figure.

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