Tuesday, March 9, 2010

American Idol: Top 8 Gulls

Is it me, or did tonight seem really mellow? Not that there’s anything wrong with that at all … its just weird when almost all the performers go the same route, y’know?

So anyway, tonight was the ladies, and they (once again) did swell … for the most part. And here are my two cents on each. Same grading system as last week: song choice, performance, and gut-check emotional response (formerly ‘thumbability’, but that was a bit confusing).

Crystal Bowersox, 24: Give Me One Reason – Tracy Chapman. Song choice 10; performance 10; gut-check 2 … total score: 22. Awesome song. Awesome vocals. Awesome performance. I love that she was so relaxed and really seemed to enjoy herself. She’s like a musical old soul.

Didi Benami, 23: Rhiannon – Fleetwood Mac. Song choice 10; performance 10, gut-check 1 … total score: 21. Cool! Didi did exactly what she needed to do with on older song; she changed it up and made it hers. Very nice job.

Lacey Brown, 24: the Story – Brandi Carlile. Song choice 10; performance 10; gut-check 1 … total score: 21. Very cool voice. I liked this (except for that one yodel). Definitely downloadable as it was.

Lilly Scott, 20: I Fall to Pieces – Patsy Cline. Song choice 9; performance 9, gut-check 1 … total score: 19. I love this song, and really enjoyed Lilly’s performance. I thought, “Oh, no!” at first, because its Patsy, and no one does Patsy well. So Lilly went up there and did Lilly and it worked! VOTED OFF

Siobhan Magnus, 19: House of the Rising Sun – Animals. Song choice 9; performance 9, gut-check 1 … total score: 19. That voice! Another song I love. Very impressive, the way Siobhan made it such a sultry siren song. Nice.

Katie Stevens, 17: Break Away – Kelly Clarkson. Song choice 8; performance 8, gut-check 1 … total score: 17. Did a fantastic job at the higher registers, but the lower keys seemed almost too much for her – like she had to push to get them; there seemed to be more than a few rough patches.

Paige Miles, 24: Smile – Charlie Chaplin. Song choice 3; performance 7; gut-check -1 … total score: 9. Awful song choice. Would have done much better showing off her pipes with Ronan Keating's "When You Say Nothing at All" from the Notting Hill soundtrack (love that song!).

Katelyn Epperly, 19: I Feel the Earth Move – Carol King. Song choice 3; performance 3, gut-check -1 … total score: 5. For me, when they choose the older songs that have such resonance, they need to really own the performance; that didn’t happen here. I just wanted it to be over. VOTED OFF

Okay, so … overall the ladies pretty much rocked it, except for the two I have as 7th and 8th, who were truly not good. Or maybe that’s too harsh (it is) … it’s not that they weren’t good, they just weren’t as good as the rest. By a long shot.

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