Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wicked Awesome Poem Wednesday

All This Disaster

It isn't hard to
feel plastered,
this world seems to be
so disastered.
Terrible events here,
horrible events there,
humans getting plastered

Buried alive under cement,
natural disasters offer no relent.
Washed away by Katrina,
victims living in the arena.
Stupid terrorist out killing,
crooks on the street stealing.

I avoid the kill,
stay away from the steal.
Know that lifes unstable,
personally stay able.
Sit back and wait my turn,
live it up with concern,
knowing sooner of later
I might burn.

Can't live worrying about dying,
no use wiping tears and crying.
At times I cry,
there are many reasons why.
Many times I smile,
act like a playing child.
But don't get too wild.
I live in the second,
might survive another,
I reckon.

-G. E. Morrison

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