Thursday, January 7, 2010

Not That I'm Fessin' Up to Anything ...

We call it a snonami (get it? tsunami!) in jest, because the local newscasts go batshit bugeyed when they see the possibility of some white stuff.
They quickly careen into "We're all gonna die!" territory, interrupting broadcasts, reiterating the same old, same old ad nauseum. Generally making pests of themselves, to such an extent that if we ever do have the big one, no-one will be prepared because of the meteorologists who cried wolfblizzardwolf!
That said, after almost two weeks of snowfall with limited town plowing, the streets may look pretty (they really do!), but under that layer of powder from last night's snow is the layers of ice from the two previous snowfalls; it'll kill you!

Since Christmas Eve we've had a foot of snow, and it's freaking awesome! This? This is snow! Not that sleet/ice crud we usually get here.

This is like snow from back home; I'm loving it. With the winds (very windy!) the front yard is almost bare, but the back yard has three feet of snow in places. If it was inside the dog run the girls could just walk over the fence! The deck has snow up to the bottom of the chairs. The girls have to go in and out through the basement because I don't want them to plow the deck snow into the kitchen when they dive around in it.

Yes, my dogs are Labrador Snow Dolphins, thankyouverymuch ... didn't you know?


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Um, I, uh, sorta, kinda guess that a comment about our pool would be inappropriate right about now?

At least with you being a new Englander you know how to drive in those conditions. It's the morons out there that don't who are the problem.

la isla d'lisa said...

today was a first! no accidents on the way in to work.

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