Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh, I’m Feeling Something Alright

I’m fighting off a cold, but it appears to be somewhat of a standoff so far. On my flight home I had selected seat 3B for both legs of the trip … for these planes that was the bulkhead row directly aft of 1st class, aisle seat. Plenty of leg room for RA-riddled me.

On the 1st flight the ticket agent (another Lisa) asked if I’d move back to 5B so a couple could sit together … I readily agreed. I recalled my very first flight, and how I wanted to sit next to Dad, but the 'kindly' soul who had the seat next to me refused (smidgen of sarcasm), so that sucked for me. But its okay, because I made sure the entire flight sucked for him as well. Me: woman. That sound? My rawr! Or, you know: revenge.

So anyway, I sat in 5B, and the poor guy next to me had left-of-death. Not just a cold. Nope: left-of-death. He was so sick, but so careful not to so much as breath in my direction. I felt horrible for him, and hope he’s doing better now, although I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up with lung rot (aka pee-new-moan-knee-uh).

I just knew I was going to catch it. I was way careful not to rub my face at all … and of course, as soon as he presented with disease my nose ran, my eyes itched, my ears clogged up. I must have washed my hands eleven times in various Dulles rest rooms during the layover. Gah!

So a little grumbling from me … if only I’d said no to Lisa, then I’d have been a 1st class asshat but would have been less exposed to the black plague, yada, yada, yada and so on and so forth.

Then I get on flight number two, in seat 3B. Yeah … it’s a fixed-arm single: arm doesn’t go up, strictly 8 inches (or so it seemed) wide. I had to work to wedge my ass in there. If it had been a regular chair when I stood up it would have gone right up with me and remained stuck to my backside until some enterprising soul introduced a crowbar. Flight wasn’t crowded, so I was able to move to the row behind it, which I had all to myself.

But. If I’d have been a poop and not switched seats on the previous flight, which was full, I’d have been mighty uncomfortable for the entire flight. So trading seats was a good thing … even though I was exposed to H1N1.

ASIDE: keyboard has been going haywire; finally noticed Maddie isn’t sitting on the mouse pad next to the keyboard … nope, she’s sitting on the number pad. Der. Just finished erasing all the plus signs and assorted numbers she interspersed throughout this edition.

So now I’m fighting off this cold. If I can make it to Saturday without it going full-blown, I’ll be able to defeat it with sleep. I love defeating illness with sleep. I love sleep, period. Mmmm, pillow.

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Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Oops, put this comment on the wrong post...

But just think how great, strong, and tough your immune system will be! See? There's always an upside.

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