Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One Long String of Cursing

I've had a horrible headache for hours today, and I'm at the point where I want to rip someone in half, starting at their head, so my misery can have some company. Don't come near me - I'm not kidding. I've already envisioned throwing Maddie across the room because she used her claws while kneading my arm (something she does eh-hev-vary day).
With how busy I am at work, and how much I need to get done before the weekend *gasp!* when my vacation starts (YAY!), I'm pretty sure it's a tension headache, but the frigging thing is so bad, and has been hanging around for so long, that I'm now in my "I have a brain tumor!" stage. Sheesh.
  • I had coffee, thinking it was caffeine withdrawal ... nope.
  • I drank copious amounts of water, thinking I was dehydrated ... no change.
  • I took Advil, thinking that would have to help ... it hasn't.
  • I ate a banana, thinking my potassium was low ... now walking sends jarring pain through my skull.
  • I've pulled out the ice pack ... it's helping a little.
I totally can't sleep though.
Erg, and now the place smalls like catshit because somebody just used the itter box.
Someone come and rub my temples, please ... and clean out this stinky litter box while you're here.
Groan ... now I'm nawshuss, too. Great.

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