Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wait … Eight? Dang!

Yesterday I asked Dad something along the line of "Isn’t it funny how you know almost everything there is to know about where you live during your formative years, but not so much places you live after that? Case in point; I’ve been in misery almost a decade and still know next-to-nothing about it, except that its bordered by Nebraska to the North, Kansas to the West, and Oklahoma to the South."

Dad looked quizzical.

Yeah, turns out I was way confused, seeing as although both Nebraska and Oklahoma do border Missouri, I was mistaking Kansas for the bordered state. We pulled out the atlas, and it turns out misery is bordered by no less than eight (eight!) states: Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Sheesh!

These are all places I’d only ever heard of while growing up in RI; I may have met the occasional schoolmate from these areas, but only because one (or both) of his/her parents would have been in the Navy and they’d have been stationed at the Base.

Anyway, I’m back here in misery, feeling almost human again after a looooong day of travel (up at 5am for a 7am water taxi ride to the mainland for a 10am flight to DC and a 4 hour layover with my final flight getting into MCI at 5:15pm. Quick trip to Walmart for supplies, home to a loooong shower and football game (anyone else notice my superbowl prediction turned out to be a who-did-NOT-make-it-to-the-superbowl prediction?).

Now I’m off to bed, expecting a horrifically busy week at the plant, seeing as all kinds of work came in while I was out-of-pocket. But hey, that’s what makes the day fly by, which is a heck of a lot better than hanging around with nothing to do.


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The Common Man said...

Its all flyover county to me. Just another red neck, red state.

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