Monday, January 11, 2010

I Used to Laugh at Them, Too

I have to admit that when it first came out I had some laugh-out-loud moments perusing People of WalMart. But now? Now I just find it mean-spirited and sad, and have removed it from my Favorites.

I just can’t enjoy something that makes me cringe more often than it makes me laugh … and I know I’m part of the double standard just by making that statement, because there is a demographic (or two) covered on the website that does make me laugh ... because while it may have originally intended to be humorous, the days of lighthearted giggles on my part are long gone.

Picking on the elderly, destitute, homeless, the obviously impaired, or those who are just plain different and proudly flying that freak flag simply doesn’t cut it for me. More than anything else I am ashamed.

My thinking on it is that we’re all riding out a very long, rough, and frightening economic storm … and those of us furthest from the lifeboats should be sticking together.

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