Saturday, April 16, 2011

BOUGHT!!! (Well, Almost Bought)

Hello again.  Been so long since I last posted regularly that I'm having trouble remembering how to do it.  Well, that and the changes to Blogger that I haven't had a chance to dig into.  In a nutshell:
  • Put an offer on a house in MA and, after a wee bit of haggling, Seller accepted.
  • Roof failed inspection ... asked Seller to replace and, after a(nother) wee bit of haggling, Seller accepted most of the cost.
  • Been quite merrily painting and repainting pictures of the rooms in my soon-to-be-new house via various you-paint-it websites.
  • Making a list of things to do to the new house ... now to the tune of more than I've offered for house in the first place!  Not really, but you catch my drift.
  • Am waiting in unadulterated glee for house to be mine so I can get in there and fix it up and have a fence installed so I can get my babies back from friends who are caring for them in MO (I really, REALLY miss them!).
  • With any luck am rounding out the worst best year of my life on a positive note, as things just keep getting better and better.
That's it for now; will post pictures as soon as it's all presentable!
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