Sunday, January 3, 2010

u capella? me capella, too!

So I couldn’t think of a single thing to post today, and was going to ‘treat’ you to my fall-back, but (luckily for you) that will have to wait for another day, as, whilst reading through my ‘regular’ bloggers Beej over at a Life of Adventure reminded me just how freaking cool these guys are, so I thought I’d share with you. Via a bunch of links.

I love, love, love a capella. Totally. It’s part of the whole I-wish-I-could-carry-a-tune-in-a-bucket thing I’ve had going on forever.

To the point where I am *nerd alert!* just a tiny bit conversant in the ICCA scene (that being the “International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella” one). Two past favorites being the 2003 UC Men’s Octet and the 2008 SoCal VoCals … aaaaand I also kind of heart the MO State Beartones, but prolly ‘cuz they’re kind of local, and former soloist Morgan Mallory is phenomenal.

In any case, if you don't already own something by Straight No Chaser, then get something ... I recommend 'Christmas Cheers'. So what if it's a little late in the season? Nobody ever said there's no room to prep for next season!

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