Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring 2010: 0 … Winter 2010: 7 BILLION

Or, alternately, “First Day of Spring MY ASS!”

Ugh. After two days when the girls got to stay outside all day because the weather was sunny and temps were in the 60’s, this … THIS?

Is completely unacceptable!

This is the "Train of 150 Cars", which we get twice daily through town, and this is the snow that was blowing like stink while I waited at the railroad crossing on my way to WallyWorld for Spring Winter Cleaning supplies. 

And this is the same railroad crossing, on the way home from WallyWorld a couple hours later. Yes, I'm aware you really can't see the tracks, but that's so not the point. 

What is the point, you ask?

How about that fact that it's SNOWING the first day of Spring?!? I call bullshit on Spring 2010!

And finally, this is a picture of home, from the sidewalk. I know it's difficult to actually see the house, but the snowfall is way cool!

And right now the drift on the deck is almost two feet, so although I can let the girls out upstairs, I have to let them back in downstairs, because of Boogie's incredible fear of snowy stairs. She is special.

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