Saturday, March 6, 2010

One Massive First AI Posting

All right, people … I am officially On It. You know you've been waiting with baited breath for MY OPINION, and here I finally am to share. I’ve leaped aboard the American Idol train tonight. Yes, I know … little late, but there was that small diversion called the WINTER GAMES!! And I was not missing them.

Back to AI … I’m a little late, seeing as folk already got voted off last night, but I haven’t watched any of this season to date, so am coming in cold with my opinions. This time around I’m going to use a ridiculously complicated voting system that covers song choice, performance, and thumbability (sorry you asked yet?).

So here goes for the top 10 fellas, who performed these gems Tuesday (March 2nd) … my rankings, from best to ‘meh, whatever’. High score wins:

Lee Dewyze, 23: Lips of an Angel - Hinder. Song choice 10; performance 9, thumbs up 2 … total score: 21. Oh, I have found my favorite male vocalist this season! Figures he went last. Yummy. A little pitchy, but I loved it.

Michael Lynche, 26: This is a Man’s World – James Brown. Song choice 10; performance 9, thumbs up 1 … total score: 20. Smooth as buttah … total package, voice, showmanship … my like it.

Alex Lambert, 19: Everybody Knows – John Legend. Song choice 10; performance 8, thumbs up 1 … total score: 19. It’s difficult to sing Legend … he’s so iconic. But Alex did terrific; he’s got his own unique set of pipes.

Aaron Kelly, 16: My Girl – the Temptations. Song choice 8; performance 8, thumbs up 1 … total score: 17. He’s only sixteen?! Whoa. I’d love to see what he can do with more modern fare. Yes, this was a terrific song choice for him, but it’ll be the suckage of all he’s good for are oldies but goodies.

Casey James, 27: I Don’t Wanna Be – Gavin DeGraw. Song choice 8; performance 7, thumbs up 1 … total score: 16. Solid vocals, good guitar work … they just didn’t seem to gel for this performance, though.

Andrew Garcia, 24: You Give Me Something – James Morrison. Song choice 8; performance 6; thumbs up 1 … total score: 15. Seemed pitchy (dawg, I never even knew that word before watching AI!), but he fought his way through it. Showed definite potential; I can’t wait to see what he brings in future.

Tim Urban, 20: Come on Get High – Matt Nathanson. Song choice 5; performance 5; thumbs up 1 … total score: 11. Eh. I don’t know the song, or the artist, for that matter, but I’m sure he did it well (lest he wouldn’t be here), but nothing about it really made it memorable for me. Pleasant, though.

John Park, 21: Gravity – John Mayer. Song choice 6; performance 3 … total score: 9. Ooh, bad. I know this is mostly because I freaking love this song, so if you’re going to sing it, you need to really change it up and make it yours … preferably not by being all breathy and bleh. VOTED OFF

Jermaine Sellers, 27: What’s Goin’ On – Marvin Gaye. Song choice 4; performance 4 … total score: 8. Horrible. VOTED OFF

Todrick Hall, 24: What’s Love Got to do With It – Tina Turner. Song choice 6; performance 2; thumbs down 1 … total score: 7. I wanted to turn it off before it was anywhere near over. If I hadn’t been ‘judging’ this, I’d have turned the channel to see what else was on. Entirely forgetable.

And now we’ll head on into my impressions of the gals, who took to the stage Wednesday (March 3rd) … my rankings, once again from favorite to forgettable. High score still wins:

Siobhan Magnus, 19: Think – Aretha Franklin. Song choice 10; performance 10, thumbs up 2 … total score: 22. Wow. Just, wow. Loved it … little tiny thing with a voice like that? P’awesome. And I fully admit I’ve already got a soft spot for her … she’s from the Cape! Local girl makes good! Yay!

Katie Stevens, 17: Put Your Records On – Corinne Bailey Rae. Song choice 10; performance 10, thumbs up 1 … total score: 21. Great job: comfortable on stage, such a nice voice … loved it, loved her.

Lilly Scott, 20: Long Time Coming – Sam Cooke. Song choice 10; performance 10, thumbs up 1 … total score: 21. Marvelous. Kind of like a cross between Courtney Love, Janis Joplin, and Betty Boop.

Katelyn Epperly, 19: the Scientist - Coldplay. Song choice 9; performance 10, thumbs up 1 … total score: 20. Definite stage presence.

Didi Benami, 23: Lean On Me – Bill Withers. Song choice 9; performance 9, thumbs up 1 … total score: 19. Would have been so easy to screech through it, but she didn’t … good job.

Paige Miles, 24: Walk Away – Kelly Clarkson. Song choice 8; performance 10; thumbs up 1 … total score: 19. Made it look easy, and fun.

Lacey Brown, 24: Kiss Me – Sixpence None the Richer. Song choice 9; performance 8; thumbs up 1 … total score: 18. Great song choice, gave it a personal spin on the live rendition. Neat little bit of a country twang to it.

Crystal Bowersox, 24: Long as I Can See the Light – Creedence Cleaarwater Revival. Song choice 5; performance 8; thumbs up 1 … total score: 14. Nice, soulful voice, not a good song choice … she should have done Miley Cyrus’ the Climb, because she would have kicked it’s ass all right.

Michelle Delamor, 22: Arms Wide Open – Creed. Song choice 3; performance 5; thumbs down 1 … total score: 7. Utter foolishness … wanted to fast forward through it. VOTED OFF

Haeley Vaughn, 16: the Climb – Miley Cyrus. Song choice 3; performance 3; thumbs down 1 … total score: 5. Wrong song choice, flat affect … her sweet vocals and lack of attitude are a little too girly for this song. VOTED OFF

Okay, so … overall the ladies outperformed the gents, and the youngsters did a terrific job of holding their own. Of course, to me they’re all youngsters. CUZ I’M OLD.

And Danny Gokey? Still flipping ADORABLE!

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