Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Zzzzzzzz ... SNORT! Wha?

Guess what I've discovered? I'm sleep deprived! Yep, after spending a full week sleeping through the entire night without waking a single time (in a slender little twin-sized bed, no less) only to return home to my big ole comfy full-sized bed and numerous wakings throughout the night ... pause ... it has come to my attention that maybe ... just maybe ... Joey and Maddie are nocturnal creatures who are up all night (insert "Der!" here).

Yup, for sure. Case in point: last night
  • Lights out at midnight.
  • Up just after 1am: Maddie wants someone to put the pats on her. That someone being, oh, I don't know ... me! (this may occur up to three times a night, depending on Maddie's mood)
  • Zonked out again, after removing Maddie claws from my forearm (not the result of kitty anger, rather of "nonnies" ... those of you with feline critters have no doubt experienced this phenomenon of simultaneous purring/shredding "love").
  • Up around 4am: Joey's climbed onto my pillow, practically on top of my head, purring loudly (I consider this his "prep" to get up "for reals" around 5:40am, seeing as he does it every. single. night).
  • Up "for reals" at 5:40am .... Joseph letting me know he's ready for his closeup ... er, breakfast ... now!

So, after yawning my way through only my second day at work back from vacation, and discussing the sitch wth Mom, the plan is to (gasp!) shut the critters out of the bedroom tonight and see what happens.

But I already know what's going to happen.

First, I'm going to forget to put something in front of the door, and both are going to sit immediately outside it and stick their clawed paws under it and try to puuuuull the door open that way.

Second, I'm going to stumble up out of my cozy nest and move the suitcase in front of the door.

Third ... and most important ... I'm going to get a full night's sleep!!! WOO HOO!! YEE HAW!!

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