Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Recent Purchases

Or, “Why’s It Take So Long For the Delivery?” in a really, super-duper whiny voice.

So I have this list of stuff around the house for Dad to fix (or otherwise work on) next time he comes for a visit (because, yes … at the decidedly grown-up age of 44 I still need my Daddy!), including:

  • Washing machine – it’s been knocking on spin a couple years now (somebody either overloaded or unbalanced loaded it).
  • Overhead light in guest bathroom – fan part works, but not the light part (yes, even with a new bulb … I’m not that dim!).
  • Automatic icemaker – leaks right into the fridge (well, not right now, but that’s only because I shut the water off … after Dad told me how).
  • Ceiling fan – last one to replace is in the office (the one there now is from the ‘70’s … not really, but you get the picture), and put a light fixture on the one in the living room (I just plain love ceiling fans!).
  • World map – have I mentioned how my completely, totally, perfectly awesome parents circumnavigated the world in their Hans Christian sailboat “Kemo Sabay” (mentioned, by the way, in Heyward Coleman’s memoir “The Next Port”)? No? Well they have! Left from the Chesapeake, went all the way ‘round to the left … er, West(ish, some East/South/North, too) … and came home to Newport Harbor? Took ten years, thereabouts, with a few trips back home to visit. Well, they gave us kids world maps with the route outlined to that point (about halfway), and I want the rest of their route added so I can frame that sucker and hang it high.

I also had the garbage disposal on the list, as it crapped out when the little-engine-that-no-longer-could burned out in late June … and at first I was all, “Oh, no!” but then I realized I don’t actually need a garbage disposal, so it was all good. But then I quickly discovered I just can’t wait ‘til October or so for Dad to come out and install another … that thing stinks!! Since the disposal outlet is about an inch high up on the garbage well wall, water just sits in there and stagnates. I’ve been pouring a half cup of bleach in every night after I do the dishes, but it still stinks, so I’ve ordered a replacement from Sears (where America shops) and they’ll be installing it as soon as it gets here and I can schedule it.

Which brings me to the title of this blog; seems when I go on a buying spree, I go on a buying spree! Not only do I have the garbage disposal coming from Sears, but I also have a new toaster (shorted that out in June … apparently June was a bad month for appliances in my kitchen … while attempting to clean out the crumbs), and a new blender (with a glass container, because the plastic one became a bit of a chew toy after it was left within easy reach of a certain someone who’s name rhymes with ‘oogie’).

But ordering from Sears wasn’t enough, oh no … I then went over to Amazon.com and comparison-shopped for a new George Foreman Grill!!! I’m very excited about the grill. If you’re a hater, I don’t want to hear it.

I loved my old GFG, but it was tiny, and a nightmare to clean … either had to clean it before eating supper, thus letting the food get cold (kind of defeating the purpose of cooking a hot meal) or reheat it after supper to get the gunk hot enough to clean off … but the parts weren’t removable, so I could never dunk it in the sink to really clean it.

Which is probably why Boogie really loved that thing. I’ll bet it smelled like every burger, brat, pork chop, and chicken breast ever cooked on it. She simply could not resist that day I left it on the counter … so I came home that night to a three-piece GFG that would never … ever … work again. Not such a big deal in the Winter months, but in the Summer? Whoa, Nellie! I don’t know about you, but I am absolutely loath to turn on the oven when I’m running the air conditioning … so it’s either replace the GFG or eat a lot of take out.

Now, my new GFG? It’s the G5 … it has six (SIX!!) take-outable (okay, “removable”) cookplates! Six! I can cook almost anything! The only problem I have with it is that its red, and all my kitchen appliances are white, but the white one was $50 more, so you know in the end I just fell in love with the red after all (snicker!).

Oh, and I also ordered “Coupling”. If you don’t know what “Coupling” is, you’ve missed out on some serious funny … Google it. Go ahead, Google it. I love BBC America, I truly do.

So c’mon Sears and Amazon! Get my stuff here soon!


Not Afraid to Use It said...

We still have a list of things for my dad to do each time he comes. Not that he gets to them, but I know it always makes him feel needed. This way we both win.

As for the GFG, my folks gave us one. We didn't really use it and ended up selling it at a garage sale. Fast forward three years later and I am so mad at myself because I just learned how great the GFG's are for making paninis! Karma is a cruel and bitter mistress.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Outdoor 8 burner gas barby with dual sideburners, two hotplates, and two grills. It also is used as an oven for baking. Great way to cook in our summer heat.

Just in case, you know, you may have been wonderin'.

In all seriousness, I don't cook in the kitchen much at all anymore. Just too easy outside and there's not a mess to clean up.

la isla d'lisa said...

Not Afraid: yes, indeed - that beyotch! When I told my folks I was getting a new one, they kicked themselves because they had recently donated one they won to the PIVFD raffle. Doh!

Dave: I'd so love a "for real" grill - but Boogie'd no doubt find a way to destroy it with her (seemingly) 8' reach!

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