Monday, July 6, 2009

No Monday Morning Blahs Here

So we took a ride up to Potter’s Cove and motored over to the New England Boatworks Shipyard (the former Bend Boat Basin) for lunch at the Melville Grill. Due to our method of transport and the distance involved, lunch lasted upwards of four hours; pretty relaxing day. Once we got over there we checked out the remains of the Quonset hut explosion and four-alarm fire from back on April 23rd (the one where something like ten of the firefighters ended up in Newport Hospital for evaluation after the cyanide gas scare).

I didn’t bring my camera because I just knew that if I had it would’ve ended up overboard. In any case, they’ve done a terrific job of cleaning up after the fire: the two Quonset huts that were destroyed are completely cleared away down to the concrete, and the damaged huts surrounding them are all in the midst of ongoing repair, but the basin is open, as is the restaurant. Because I know you’re soooo interested in what we’ve been eating … we had Mojitos, Coronas, a Rueben, a pizza, a Chicken Club, and a Chicken Salad.

Once we got back to Prudence we rode over to Joel’s & Jane’s, where Mom, Jane, and I played in the surf with their Golden Retriever Annie … while Joel made Dad one of his rum punches, which included three different rums (Captain Morgan’s Spiced, Malibu Coconut, and Malibu Mango), grenadine, orange juice, and a slew of other stuff. They were feeling grand!

Mom, Dad, and I headed back to the house and hung out; watched the USS Bulkeley leave for parts unknown, and another funky looking little red transport that had a couple boats and quite a few new cars stacked on top of the cargo carriers (don’t see how the paint job on those new cars could possibly survive an overseas trip exposed like that, so they must not be going far) … eventually had burgers and cereal for supper (Dad is absolutely done with beef right now), and ice cream sundaes while watching “He’s Just Not That Into You”.

Tomorrow will be an actual “rest” vacation day, with absolutely no plans whatsoever … I defy you to get me out of my jammies!!! Although I may (gasp!!) crack open my work laptop (yes, I brought it, because I am nothing if not dedicated) and run through some formulation changes. From a hammock. With a tall, frosted glass of something tasty at my elbow.
As it is I'm about to head off to bed, where I'll be serenaded all night by the dulcet tones of the two bell buoys right off the point. Be jealous, be very jealous!

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