Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ain't It Grand?

Two ... I don't know ... issues, topics, whatever ... I'm pondering today:
  1. The Example He's Setting
  2. How Not to Help

On the "example", I'm talking about President Obama. There are these actions he's taken (I want to say lately, but they're really just the latest), and I find them increasingly disturbing:

FIRST he attempts to ramrod various programs and bills through Congress (e.g., health care/cap & tax), going so far as to threaten to effectively shut down our federal governmental processes if he doesn't get his way. The federal govermental processes of the United States, people!

SECOND he purposely fans the flames of national racial debate by calling PRESIDENTIAL attention to what is essentially a local issue of a man, of some political clout, who refuses to hold himself accountable and accept responsibility for his own indelicate and indiscriminate actions. The President, people!

NOW he has the nerve to accuse political detractors of engaging in "petty politics" while placing blame directly on Congress for maintaining the healthcare crisis. Congress, people!

Yep. Exactly the example I want the leader of the Greatest Country on Earth to set.


On "helping", here's the gist of a recent e-mail I read, advising of upcoming changes.

In effect a new position has been created (yay!). At the same time the duties of an existing position will be split between some other ... existing ... positions ... in order to make room, organizationally, for the new position.

With you so far.

And we'll be working to help the ... uh, seceding ... existing position holder find a new ... er, job ... over the next little while.

Wow. Is it just me, or is this a preeeetty effective way to damn any chances the incumbant has to get a lateral move anywhere within the confines of the recipients of that e-mail? I mean, if that person was actually wanted, the author'd have just said something along the lines that effective such-and-such a date, so-and-so's new job title and responsibilities would be X, while his/her old responsibilities would then be split between Y, Z, and A.


Or am I being way too negative?

On the one hand, maybe the author was trying to let everyone know this great person was coming up available soon, so they'd better snatch him/her up while they have the chance (very naive, but plausable); but on the other hand, it certainly appears the author has absolutely no use for this person and doesn't want to be even remotely responsible for saddling anyone else with him/her. Especially since the tract ended with the standard get-in-touch-if-you-have-any-questions-or-require-clarification.

Er, yeah ... you were preeeeetty clear.

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