Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Day After, Still FUN!

View of M&D's house from the "other" side (Sohar's deck), with a great look at Killer Hill ... looks completely different from this perspective!
Finally got a better snapshot of the USS Bulkeley, keeping us safe. The large white building to the right of it is a 21 storey high-end condominium complex, just to give you an idea of the size of the ship ... that puppy takes up a lot of Bay!

The place has cleared out, and it's just Mom, Dad, and me left. We're currently watching Carlos Santana in concert ... this man is phenomenally talented.
Most of us never woke up until after 9am this morning ... it was wonderful sleeping in (until Dad and Mark couldn't stand being the only two awake and started making enough noise to wake the rest of us ... they took full advantage of the fact that sound carries near water).

We had a big ole breakfast of scrambled eggs, grilled mild and hot sausages, blueberry muffins, banana bread (with chocolate chips ... thanx, Kathryn!), english muffins, coffee, and juice ... out on the deck and down in the yard ... too nice to eat inside!
The remaining kids (Evan, Not-Our-Evan, Chris, Tommy, and Kathryn) promptly took off for fun activities involving jumping off the public pier and otherwise swimming down at the beach, and the rest of worked at entertaining ourselves and each other (not very difficult, trust me!). About the most real activity we had was moving our chairs around the yard out of the sun as the afternoon progressed!
Mike's group left first, for the sail back to Newport, and the rest of us had a cookout of marinated steak tips, macaroni salad, potato salad, corn on the cob, and cole slaw (we are so spoiled!).
Then Mark's crew took off for home, tubing along the way for the Evans (I tried to get pictures, but they were too far away by the time Not Our Evan started, so it's just too tiny to see well).
And now it's 8:38pm and finally getting dark out. A very relaxing day after.

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