Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Weekly Idol: Finale

Wow ... I thought they were both terrific (but I'm hoping Kris wins)! For a couple reasons: 1) I ranked his overall season higher than Adam's (because I liked more of Kris' individual performances throughout), and 2) Adam needs to not go the AI route in his career.

Adam needs to front a bitchin' band post-haste and pronto ... which appears to so not be the AI thing (yes, I know my love DC has a band, but not really ... at least not yet ... and prolly not 'til his AI contract is met).

Kris needs to go solo, which is the perfect sort of career AI offers and at which the AI producers excel.

I just really like the way Kris sings (and Matt, and Danny), he's not a hit-or-miss guy for me like Adam is. On those occasions that I don't much care for what Adam does, I really don't care for it ... like I said last week: fingernails on a chalkboard. Eeek.

Plus, I'm just that much pissy with all the judges, and their various commentaries this evening, where they pretty much publicly and officially wrote Kris off and congratulated Adam on the win, a la, "just being here is like, totally awesome, and you should be so proud of yoursel blah, blah, blah, effing blah!"

That? Aggravates me. Shut up and critique the performance he just did, not his "season" ... and for crying out LOUD don't ding him for song selection when he didn't get to pick the song! Sheesh!

So ... loooooooooved the performances by the guys tonight; really did not love the judges. Again. Biased [expletive deleteds].

In all honesty I don't care who wins since Matt got voted off. I absolutely believe both will go on to sweet careers, along with Danny, and Matt, and Anoop, and Lil, and even Scott and Allison (and I hope Michael).

I am the worst for these competitions! I want everyone to win something! I'd prolly end up being that mom who wants her kids to play t-ball because no one ever loses. Tcha!


I totally admit the grand finale was much more entertaining than I expected it to be, but I laugh at the producers for so blatantly gearing it toward Adam's stylings and getting SPANKED by the voters!

And how cool was Adam at the end there? Preeeeeetty classy, Adam. And how shocked was Kris? Whoa, huh, mumble mumble shocked ... finally kind of started to come out of it when he was hugging his wife. So cute. And how pissed did Simon look? Very! Ah, bliss.

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