Friday, May 29, 2009

I Freakin’ LOVE Alan Tudyk

Or “My (Imaginary) Love Poppet”. Actually, I love his work ... he may be the biggest tool in the chest (doubt it!), but I don't care, because the man is awesome (read it in a sing-songy voice to get the full affect). Some of my all-time favorite performances are his. I am way partial to Firefly’s “Hoban Wash” … to the extent that I (before I came up for air and remembered it’s a movie for-crying-out-load, and Alan is fine) was pissed at the end of Serenity.

And he’s responsible for some of my absolute favorite characters in some of my favorite shows and movies (and even some I’m not so in love with, but love his character anyway):

  • “Wash” on both Firefly and Serenity, easily my favorite Tudyk-provided friend-on-film.
  • “Wat” in A Knight’s Tale, who had me in stitches the entire time, but still has me wondering what the hell “I will fong you!” really means.
  • “Gerhardt” in 28 Days, of “OMG! Look at my package!” fame, who managed to kill his plant upon release from rehab (of course).
  • The voice of “Sonny” in I Robot, easily my very favorite character of this guilty pleasure I can never leave when flipping through the channels, regardless of how much longer is left to play, or what other plans I had before I got to that channel ...
  • “Steve the Pirate” of Dodgeball, who spent (almost) all his time not impersonating a pirate, but rather being a pirate (very fine distinction there).
  • “Alpha” on Dollhouse, where he totally got his crazy on while having a sweet, innocent side.
  • Pedophile “Carl Fisher” on CSI, where he was not guilty of that, but only 'cuz his plans went awry ... and he was way creepy.
  • “Doc Potter” of 3:10 to Yuma, where he died rescuing the bad guy.
  • “Cholly” the bear-horse-looking dude of both Ice Age movies, who farted with complete abandon but little accountability (he was also one of the “bad” saber-tooths, but I can’t recall which).
  • “Nathan Wheeler” of Into the West, who annoyed me greatly by not being in more of the mini-series.
He's even doing some voice work in the Halo 3 game, but I'm not much into games (although will no doubt see the movie, if they make it, and he's in it).

And now I find out he’s got a part in the pilot of the remake of one of my all-time guilty pleasures from, like, my senior year of high school, “V”! SCORE!!!!!

I’ve (once again) come to the realization that I watch too much television, see too many movies, and read too many entertainment magazines … but with folk like Mr. Tudyk providing the fodder, I ain’t stopping soon so don't even ask!

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The Common Man said...

the guy is a character

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