Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oooh, I'm in the Dog House

My girls are so not happy with me tonight. I left them outside all day (as usual this time of year) because, although the weatherman said 40% rain, what does he know?

Heh-heh ... apparently he knows a lot. DOH!

Although they were dry by the time I got home, they were incredibly fluffy in that "I've been soaked to the skin all day long, do not go NEAR that camera, this is in no way CUTE!" way. So now neither Boogie nor Kaia will even look at me, plus ... my poor little Kaidi's coughing up a storm. Sounds almost as bad as when they both had kennel cough last year. (You remember that, don't you? Yeah, that was fun ... boarded them, fully vaccinated, whole nine yards, they cAme home diseased anyway ... prednisone works wonders for the coughs, but turns their little bladders into leaky faucets and the both of them unknowingly piddled their way through the next ten days ... sheesh.)

Well, they're still not speaking to me and are back outside (rain has stuttered to an end) giving me the evil eye every time I try to tempt them back inside. I am persona non grata in my own home. Mer.

And I learned something new today, but it kind of made me sad. Ever heard of a Silver Alert? Well, I hadn't, until the freeway signage touted one this afternoon, with a descrIption of a vehicle and its plates. Just like an Amber Alert, but "silver". Which made me laugh as I thought "what, is it for when a q-tip has wandered away from home?" all snarky and smart-assy in my head.

Then I went home and Googled the term and yes ... it is an Amber-type Alert for the elderly. Now I'm just that assbucket who made a stupid joke in her head that came full circle and smacked her upside her wiseacre head. I hope the lost elder is found, safe and sound.

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