Saturday, May 23, 2009

STOP That!

Don't my roses look terrific? And here are some of my birdies that came out to play today. Cute, huh? Love 'em!

Okay, it being the first holiday of the summer, there were many cookouts today, and my neighbors to the back (the ones with the pool) had a big ole party with plenty of kids and adults.

And I'm not happy with them, because it was a stagnant 88 degrees and they harassed my dogs. Yep, it's the hottest day of the year so far, and Boogie and Kaia are going crazy (this was later in the afternoon when I could finally let them back out ... since the house faces West, and the dog run is in the backyard, they were inside for most of the day until the sun went over the house and provided some shade out back).

The girls were creating an unholy ruckus that showed no indication of stopping, but it was really taking it out of them, based on how hoarse their barking got. But every time I checked on them there was nothing going on.

Until I saw it: big fuckers at the cookout were letting the little fuckers run across their backyard and into mine, up to the dog run, where they slapped the fence and ran back. Thus proving their bravery in the face of such danger as a dog. Locked behind a fence. Unable to get them!

Driving the girls crazy.


I mean really ... so I've decided to drop the dog poop cleaning contract and let them fuckheads suffer the rest of the Summer with the stunning dogshit vapor my yard shall produce under the hot Midwestern sun. I'm even thinking of changing the girls' diets weekly to ensure maximum stinkage. HAH! Piss me off no more, cretins.

Not really; I'm still going to have the yard cleaned (and I'd never torture the girls with dietary changes just to make some callous jerks pay for their callous jerkery) ... but that was a really lousy thing to do, and they are total assbuckets until I say otherwise. Shame on them.

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