Friday, May 15, 2009

Seriously?!?! You Suh-Huck!

Okay, so today I am greatly miffed at Big Business, specifically the Big Businesses that see a marketing opportunity and ride that sucker straight into hell all for the sake of the almighty dollar. I realize businesses are in the business of making money, but do they have to be sooooooo effing obvious and (****expletive deleted****) about it?

We used to buy almost all our sanitation and safety supplies from a local small business distributor, who's middle name is practically "Customer Service", or maybe "I'll Bend Over Backwards For You", or perhaps "Whatever You Want I Will Get For You", and "I Can Have it There in an Hour".

You know, the kind of distributor you just have to leave [read sarcasm here] ... if you're effing stupid (which some of my HQ folk are, indeed). So they moved us over to a much larger distributor, who promised the world, and even delivered said world, even if it was just for a minute.

After a few months with this "new deal" we have discovered regular billing discrepancies that get corrected but are extremely time-consuming.

The latest annoyance was an order for food-grade foaming soap, which cost $56.83 in January, but cost $96.78 for the exact same amount today.

Yep, $96.78 ... that is not a typo. For real. A markup of about 40%.

Wanna know why? You know why! SWINE FLU PANDEMIC, that's why!

So I called our old distributor to see what he could do, and lo and behold he can only go down to $85.00 ... which tells me it's not really the distributor who is marking it up, but rather the manufacturer!!!

So, manufacturer?


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Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Oi! That bloody well sux! 40% just cus there's a new flu going around and some people are freaked. Hmmmmm, so far the "deathtoll" hasn't even hit the numbers during the normal flu season.

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