Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekly Idol: Top 4, Songs of the Rat Pack

You know, that Jamie Foxx is one talented guy. I first heard of him through his comedy, and for some reason just love Alvin Sanders from “Bait”, but what Jamie did in “Ray” was full-on spectacular … and he can sing! I’m thinking Total Package, here. But he must have the picture of Dorian Gray in his attic, ‘cause the man does not age.

Matt Giroud (My Funny Valentine) – 10 out of 10. I was worried it would be all piano-loungey … but that was Just. Plain. Sexy. Whoa! That boy was hot! I can so imagine a romantic evening by the fire with this playing in the background, getting the mood on (actually, quite a few of Matt’s songs this season could go on such a CD). I'll buy it off iTunes. American Idol voters SUH-HUCK! I prolly should have voted, eh?

Kris Allen (The Way You Look Tonight) – 10 out of 10. Oooooh, I really liked it! He’s so smooth, isn’t he? I never would have expected this of Kris at the outset of the season. I believe I may have accused young Mr. Allen of being this season’s potential vapid tool, Jason Castro. Wow, was I wrong. I'll buy it off iTunes.

Danny Gokey (Come Rain or Come Shine) – 9 out of 10. OMGoodness! Right from the start … yummy! Although Danny can be quite flat, he certainly knows how (and when) to pump those runs. Excellent! I'll buy it off iTunes.

Adam Lambert (Feeling Good) – 6 out of 10. I love this song! I am not, however, a fan of Adam’s rendition tonight, though ... it seemed over the top to be honest. This particular song doesn’t really need such histrionics … a little bit of overkill. Someone needs to remind Adam he does a terrific job when he's mellow as well. I may buy it off iTunes ... I'll have to think about it some.

Allison Iraheta (Someone to Watch Over Me) – 6 out of 10. Overwrought. With Allison’s vocals I would have loved to have seen her totally rock this one. There’s no doubt in my mind she’s got the pipes, but I still think Allison needs a few more years of just plain living to be able to convey the emotion required to soar in this business.

It’s still looking like Kris and Adam in the finale (even though I’d rather it be Kris and Matt). I have no earthly idea why Matt isn’t a front-runner, unless for some reason votes are splitting between Danny and him … which, now I think about it, may be exactly what’s happening. Mer.

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