Thursday, April 23, 2009

Book Club!

I'm so excited ... we had our first "Girl's Night" since forever last night (where I proceeded to force brownies and pizza on my guests and never stopped talking long enough for them to get a word in edgewise ... it was their own little baptism by fire; what you get when we don't have Girl's Night in what seems like ages), and have decided to start a book club! Who'd a thunk I'd be this pumped? Always thought book clubs were, oh, I don't know ... lame?

Only people with nothing to do and no taste in books have to join book clubs, blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda.

But when I was back home on vacation in February,and we kind of got snowed in, I plowed through Mom's book shelf in about a second flat and guess what? Some of her books were fantastic (you've seen some of them on my Shelfari)! But they were books I'd never have picked up on my own. In fact, I'd turned up my nose at some of them already.

I could care less, but not much, how angry or hurt or offended Oprah was because James Frey didn't give her the heads-up that his book (a million little pieces) wasn't 100% autobiographical ... have you read it? It's freakin' fantastic! I'm not a huge fan of the grammar and punctuation, but that thing sucked me in every time I opened it and kept me glued until the end, when I wanted to meet the fella who'd put himself through such a horrid wringer and managed to come out the other end alive.
Mark of a good book in my opinion.
So we've selected our first book (Chris Bohjalian's "Water Witches") and our first meeting date (May 11th), and will get together to discuss and, you know, nosh. May be more noshing than discussing, we'll see. I'm already planning the menu: maybe a little cheeze and crackers, Mom's taco salad (it'll be too hot to cook, what with being May in the frying pan that is the midwest), curry chicken salad sammiches, and beer. I'll so be in the mood for beer. I have a thing for almost ice-cold Michelob Ultra in the hot weather. Lip-smack yummy.

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