Tuesday, April 14, 2009

E-mail to My Friends ...

TO: the Gang
SUBJECT: Where's Lisa Again?

Hey There,

So I get home after work tonight to find my garage door wide open. And I know it was closed when I left this morning, because it just so happens I pulled out (quite rudely) in front of my next door neighbor then made him wait in the road behind me while my garage door closed. Slowly

Some may call it karma, I call it crazed, ravening psychopath in my closet.

So, if I completely disappear? That’s because said crazed, ravening psychopath crept out of my closet and snuck up slobbering behind me with a cudgel and a plastic bag, and my remains are now moldering in same nutjob’s basement in Kansas City (KS, ‘cuz MO just don’t breed that kind of crazy).



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