Saturday, April 25, 2009

Today’s Musings

It’s difficult to type in a 78 degree office with a cat that refuses to Get. Off. My. Lap! Brat.

I’m back in love with Facebook. Turns out I’m one of those ‘bookers who peek in every day at the beginning then, once the novelty wears off, takes only an occasional glimpse. I’ve been searching periodically for a couple childhood friends; sisters I met when I was eleven, and pretty much spent the next decade glued to. Due to some personal events I dropped contact, but now that I’m a grownup (read “somewhat matured”), I’ve been thinking about them. We shared some great times.

So I've searched their married and maiden names, and various combinations of the two, and whatnot … you know, basic Facebook searches. I’ve even tried regular on-line searching, because although we touched base the year I lived back in RI, in the moves since I’ve lost all their contact information. Until I got an e-mail a couple days ago … Cathy found me!! It. Was. Awesome. HAH! Success! I’m so excited it’s like I’m a teen again.

At work we got our First Quarter gain share checks of 2009 … which I promptly spent because, well, that’s how I roll: ran straight out and picked up light summer quilts since it’s just too hot for the winter comforters now; besides, I donated the old summer bedding last week (hey, I’m a girl, I like new stuff … and donating the “old” helps me feel better about my rampant consumerism; just doing my bit for the economy). I’m so happy right now (sigh). Pretty, Spring/Summer colors, lightweight … it’s like a birthday present for the bedrooms. Of course, the dogs and the cats have already thoroughly checked them out, and Joey is currently sprawled across the bed in the master bedroom, taking absolute ownership as usual. Hey, at 17, he’s earned it.

Reason #137 why I need a man: the attic fan. I turned it on for the first time in five years yesterday, because I was under the (mistaken) impression that it blew air into the house, and I didn’t want bird parts from the nest in the attic to be blown all over the house. I know … stupid. Anyway, I was telling one of the guys at work why I haven’t used the attic fan since I discovered some of the birds I feed have broken into the attic and nest there each Spring, and he (slowly and patiently) explained I have nothing to worry about, the attic fan pulls air from the house into the attic. Duh. I’m an idiot. So, turned it on for a few hours last night and brought the house down from 83 to 79. Complete success in my book! It’s on again right now.

Contrary to my first thought, Microsoft Office 2007 thoroughly kicks ass! It is so easy to use. Get it, get it now. Belay that thought … instead, if you use Office at work, demand your boss get it for you! At first blush it drove me wildly out of my mind … I knew where everything was on the old version, and would almost get to the point of screaming with 2007 because commands and functions weren’t where I expected them to be, and I had things to do and no time to waste looking for this (expletive deleted)!!! But then I had a moment of Zen and decided to just go with the flow. Now I wish I’d had 2007 sooner; everything is easier.

Television, or “Insomniacs Guide to the ZZZZZzzzzzz…..”:
Best New Show of the Season with a Really Lame Name: the Unusuals.
Best New Show (I’m told) I Have Yet to Watch (although have recorded): Southland.
Best New show of the Season Period: Castle.

Dear Mr. President: stop behaving like a horse’s ass and get on with the job. If you prosecute people for doing what they were authorized to do, you set a dangerous precedent. And stop defining all that is bad in this country with “under the Bush administration”. Of course it was under the Bush administration; the man was in office eight years … just about the only issue older than that is Social Security. And Health Care. Oh, and Terrorism … wait a minute … are you sure you want to keep blaming everything on the guy who held office before you? Seems he just may have inherited some of this stuff himself. No matter the problem I’ve faced, I’ve never been able to solve it by pointing my finger and blowing raspberries… you signed up for the job, campaigned for it, fought for it … so now do it. Enough with the prevarication.

Have a few dollars to spare? Looking for a good cause that rewards you with way cool jewelry? Go to and order a bracelet, now. When I was back home last Summer, Mom and I went to the Cape to visit her sisters and they both had these really sweet beaded bracelets that Mom and I now have as well. You’ll love it, and can feel good about supporting a good cause.

And lastly, if you were wondering, I'm still in mortal combat with these friggin' ants, who have upped the assault level for some reason today ... I've bleached them twice already since this morning and there's not a lick of food anywhere for them to eat, unless they've found a way into the refrigerator. Shit! Now I have to go check the refigerator ...


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Oi mate! Did microsquash pay you for that glowing product endorsement? LOL

“somewhat matured” Cool, that's the term I'll be using from now on, ta.

Regarding attic fans... It was very nice of your coworker to 'splain it to ya. Down here most houses have what's called a "whirlybird" fan (uses no power, operates on natural convection air currents) on top of the roof. Hot air is blown out, and the (supposedly) cool air from the garden is sucked in. Of course when it's 130 F on the roof and 110 F down in the garden it really doesn't make much of a difference... Guess it's the thought that counts, eh?

Gotta go, the codeine is kicking in and I need to go stir the cheese curds!

la isla d'lisa said...

I laugh that I complain about temps in the high 70'sand low 80's. I'd prolly melt in oz, no? Hah!

Feel better!

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