Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekly Idol: Top 9 - Beatles

It’s got to be some kind of plot, because just when I get to the point that I’ve given up on Idol (as you can tell by the fact that I’m a week behind on this post … because I didn’t watch last weeks show until about 30 minutes ago), they go and do the Beatles. Well.

And I’d never have known, if Mom and Dad hadn’t said so.  So while I taped tonight’s episode, I watched last weeks. And I’m not going through the whole scoring thing, because they haven’t made up the deficit of suckage enough for me to go to that much effort yet, here’s what I thought:

Three performances were equally terrific for different reasons …
  • Crystal Bowersox, Come Together … kicked it’s ass, picked it up, gave it a lollipop, and sent it on its merry way. 
  • Lee Dewyze, Hey Jude … once again, loved it (even though he did mess up a couple times)!
  • Casey James, Jealous Guy … just gets better every week; very Allman Brothers-esque.

Four performances were very, very good …
  • Katie Stevens, Let it Be … dig that powerhouse voice!
  • Aaron Kelly, Long and Winding Road … gave me an insight into the buzz around this kid.
  • Siobhan Magnus, Across the Universe … did not like it at first, but quickly changed my tune (gigglesnort!) because of that way cool tome of hers.
  • Tim Urban, All My Loving … he’s got a great voice, and I love this song, and the way he Beatle’d up his hair was too funny; excellent retro vibe.

One performance was good …

  • Andrew Garcia, Can’t Buy me Love … there’s something about his vocals, a missing resonance or something, that I think will keep him from having a solo career, but I also think he’d be great with a band … he just doesn’t have the chops to carry it solo … that said, he’d be great in a band.

One performance was so the melodrama …
  • Michael Lynch, Eleanor Rigby … blecht; I am completely off the Lynch Train; he’s so constant with the stupid grimaces and overwrought performances.  VOTED OFF SAVED

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