Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weekly Idol: Top 6 – Shania Twain

Ugh … sigh. If season 9 is any indication, yours truly will not be Idoling it for season 10. Which I guess makes a certain sense.  I mean, I never even watched until season 7 (David Cook, people!!! David COOK!), and that was because he was a local boy. Then I watched again season 8 because there were a number of interesting and unique contestants.

But this year? Meh. Shrug.

Of those remaining I like Lee, Crystal, and Casey pretty much equally, and Siobhan almost as much … but my two favorites were removed from competition long ago (Alex and Lilly, anyone?), so I’m not much invested anymore, especially since Michael and Aaron have managed to hang on so long (insert sad tuba sound effect here).

I know, lots of you think they’re both terrif … phbbt! Lots of you have no taste in music, too. BWAH HAH HAH HAH! Just my opinion, people!

So tonight? Mediocre:

  • Casey James, Don’t … wow, beautifully done, lovely.
  • Crystal Bowersox, No One Needs to Know … so good; so very, very good!
  • Lee Dewyze, Still the One … I feel like his version would have benefitted by a listen to the entire song, as opposed to the Idol Snippet, but I still loved it (I figure at this point you can pretty much tell Lee will have to fall down in an on-stage coma for me to give him a less-than-swell review … so sue me, Lisa knows what Lisa likes).
  • Siobhan Magnus, Any Man of Mine … there’s this weird thing where Siobhan’s vocals drop out of existence between the low notes and the BIG BADS, and that’s a little not-cool, but grrl, you so BAM! VOTED OFF
  • Aaron Kelly, You Got a Way … sweetly done; too little, too late.
  • Michael Lynch, It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing … actually better than usual for Michael, but still not my cup o’ tea; but yes, one of his best (which is not saying much … I’m SORRY, but I’m just not a fan).

Had to force myself to post on this tonight … ended up powering through the tedium not so much for your benefit, as for my slightly OCDish have-to-finish-what-I-started-ism.

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