Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weekly Idol: Top 7 – Inspire Me!! Go on, MAKE MY DAY!

I definitely notice a better Idol listening experience with the audio through the stereo system (thank you, Dad!!), but I have to say this week was a step down from the previous two … maybe it’s just because the Beatles and the King were such great singers/songwriters, no?

Anyway, here’s what lil’ ole me thought:

Two performances were unbelievably fantastic and, dare I say it, inspiring …
  • Crystal Bowersox, People Get Ready … I love when she sings softly, which is often in the ‘group’ performances yet rare in her individual performances, so this was incredible, and I love, love, love that she got swept up in it (prolly ‘cuz I do, too!). Lovely.
  • Lee Dewyze, the Boxer … perfectly awesome all the way ‘round; brought a tear to my eye, he put so much emotion into it. Beautiful.

Two other performances were pretty dang good …
  • Casey James, Don’t Stop  … great live show, put me in mind of Bob Seger, but may suffer in the not-live arena.
  • Siobhan Magnus, When You Believe … not a tune I’m familiar with (I don’t think I’ve ever actually hear it before), but I liked it, and I love that she’s got her own style each week; sweet performance.

The rest of the performances did absolutely nothing for me …
  • Tim Urban, Better Days … meh. VOTED OFF
  • Aaron Kelly, I Believe I Can Fly … boring.
  • Michael Lynch, Hero … cringe, not a very good performance, seemed flat. A lot.

All in all NOT a great episode … not even a good one … but I’m so happy with Lee’s and Crystal’s performances that I’m all good. I will admit, though, that tonight is the first time ever I fast-forwarded through to the end of some of these ‘gems’. Then went back and watched the whole thing because otherwise, my opinion ain’t based in reality. But it was a chore, especially with my bottom three. And I had a very funny (to me) but uncharitable thought about one which I will not share here (it’s unkind, and what has that person ever done to me? Nothing. So no sharing of the funny-but-mean thought) … but it made me laugh out loud, so now I’m checking the interweb to see if anyone else noticed and decided to write it (but I really hope not … did I mention it’s unkind?).

I think the final two will be Lee and Crystal (actually, I hope it will be!).

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