Friday, April 2, 2010

Got Rain?

Looks like even Prudence Island has started to notice the abundance of rain lately:

The Ferry Landing parking lot now has a new channel to the Bay.

New waterfall attraction at Mill Creek!

What you can't see is the house directly out of frame to the left, on the brink of sliding onto Sand Point Hill. 

So now do we need to build a Schoolhouse Bridge? 

Lighthouse Soup.

PIA driveway, closed to traffic ... looks like salmon should be trying to get upstream, no?

Another view of future sight of Schoolhouse Bridge.


Michael Morse said...

Thanks for the great pics of the island, I see it all the time but have never been. And thanks too for the comment over at RP:)

I see you are a Wheel of Time fan! I haven't gotten to the last one, finished by Robert's nephew, i think, but am looking forward to it. i might have to start over though, things got pretty confusing towards the end.

la isla d'lisa said...

My memory isn't all that great, so I have to re-read all but the first one every time a new book comes out, so I get it! But yes, a great story. And I love your blog, because it reminds me of back home (I lived across the street from the Park cinema for a few years when I worked in Providence, across the street from the Civic Center & the fire station).

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