Thursday, August 13, 2009

My 'Veloci'-Raptor is da Bomb!

Haven't seen any hawks by the bird feeders in awhile, and just kind of thought they'd been taking a bird-breakfast break and must be getting plenty of mice in the nearby fields or something.

Then this morning on the way to work I happened to look into the backyard from the driveway, and saw a lovely Cooper's Hawk sitting atop the neighbor's fence. Staring fixedly at my deck. Which had no dogs on it (too hot, so they spent the day inside). But did have a full bowl of dog food.

Otherwise known as 'extra' birdfood, since the little wildbirds eat out of it like it's a giant birdfeeder when the dogs aren't around.

So, basically the hawk is staking out the backyard 'bird feeder' and nabbing the sweet little wildbirds from there! So smart. The little birdies can't tell the hawk is coming because it practically swoops up from under them.

I'm kind of surprised I get almost as much enjoyment 'feeding' the hawk as I do the rest of the crew. But they are so fiercely beautiful, you know?

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