Saturday, August 8, 2009

But it's a BAD Vampire "Story"

I kept hearing about it, over and over, "Have you read Twilight?", "You have to read Twilight!", and "Oh, Edward is sooo yummy!"

And since I am all over my fair share of monster fare and romance, I was game. I mean, I've read most of the early Stephen King (and even some Bachman) works, everything Dresden, all about the Leandros brothers, Ward of Hurog, the Retrievers, and the Argeneau clan, and started up with Connor Grey, Mason & Louie, Cassiel the Outcast, and young Miss Reaper-Jones. I've got the DVD series for all of Buffy, Angel, Firefly (and Serenity), and Harry Dresden. I'm no stranger to the fun fantasy works. And I like series ... I like being able to revisit the same characters over and over (why I keep going back to the Argeneau well, even though it is a mite dry). And, of course, I still have mad love for the Lost Boys.

So, knowing of the potential for yet another set of characters to love, I finally broke down and picked up the first in Ms. Meyer's series, figuring I'd give it a try. And I knew not to expect too much simply based on the hype, because that's a surefire way to be let down.

But I was. Let down. And I can't quite put my finger on why. Maybe because none of it seems all that new. Or maybe because the characters are either bland, pointless, or incongruent. I don't know why, really ... but I know that I just don't care to read any further ... at all.

It's not that I'm put off by the differences the vampires in this book embody; it matters not that they can go outside in daylight, or that they *sparkle*. Big whoop ... it's fiction, people, do with it what you will. So I gave it away and don't plan to read any further (or see any of the movies, for that matter ... Cedric Diggory will remain Cedric Diggory for me).

But now Shelfari pokes me in the arm, with folk asking if I think they should read it. I wonder why they ask, when I gave it the rating I did? At first I just told them all "no, don't read it - waste of time". But then I talked to a few people of varying ages and chromosomes who really, really, like the entire series, and it turns out I'm in the minority (go figure, huh?). Maybe I should to put a little more thought into my response (which is still "no", but maybe I could be more circumspect), or just not reply.

On second thought, nah. You asked.

When I think of all the other vampire stories I love, these (yawn) twerps ... er, characters ... just don't hold a candle. You know?

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