Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Probably Shouldn't Laugh

But they're just so funny. I picked up a couple Kongs while Lonnie was here, to give to the girls after he left as a reward for being such good doggie hostesses. Last time I tried was with the "regular" red ones, and the girls promptly ate them (then poo'd them out in chunks of red rubber for a couple days), so I was happy to find the "super-chewer" black ones.

I brought them home and filled the bottoms with broken cookies (e.g., doggie biscuits), then plugged the rest up with four heaping tablespoons of creamy smooth peanutbutter ... then froze them solid. I highly recommend freezing them ... it cools the girls down on a hot day, is far less messy (melted peanutbutter all over the deck is nobody's idea of wonderful), and ... best of all ... takes the girls much longer to empty.

First time I gave them to the girls was Sunday afternoon, right after Lonnie and crew went home. They did not know what to do with them ... Kaia took hers down in the yard and lovingly cradled it in a positively fierce Horton imitation, slobbering all over her new baby Who without quite getting that it was filled with yummy goodness, while Boogie ran from hers like it was chasing her with guns blazing (sigh, I should have known ...). That first time it took each about three hours to clean the Kongs out.

Today was the fourth time the girls have had them ... and the love is totally there! They doggie laugh! They doggie chortle! They doggie giggle and show & tell! They do everything but doggie kiss (with which I am totally cool, seeing as I'm not all that big into a face full of doggie slobber). These things are the perfect shape for being able to grip well enough to carry around, but not quite well enough to bite through. P'awesome!

Bear figured it out right quick and, after running all over the yard showing her prize off to every blade of grass, bird flying overhead, cloud in the sky, tree in the yard, and the next door neighbors, she lumbered back up on the deck and had a lie-down to get. every. last. bit. out. She is the living embodiment of the slow glean.

Kaia, on the other hand, after also parading her prize to all and sundry (real and imaginary), gave it her all to chew the thing apart for the goodies, "got to get to the nom-nom" ... "someone help me out here" ... "there's peanutbutter, can't you smell the luscious peanutbutter, someone HELP ME GET TO THE PEANUTBUTTER!!!!"

OMGoodness, I laugh out loud! I sit on the deck and guffaw ... actual belly rolls! These silly dogs, I love them to bits.

Boogie here, exhausted by her Kong ... too tired even to get that last cookie bit. No worries, though ... Kaia got it right after I snapped these two shots.

Kaia, completely done with hers, just before she snooped and saw Bear's still had a morsel for the taking.


Beej said...

See, we tried that with Griffen, and all we ended up with were ants.

but then he's more interested in opening the fridge and helping himself.

la isla d'lisa said...

The absolute ONLY reason I'm not having that same problem is my great good friends at Orkin!

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