Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Transplant Awhile Longer ...

So I didn’t get the NJ job, nor the promotion it entailed, but I’m not bummed … go figure. Just when I had started really looking around the place and listing everything that moving back East would entail, I went and caught the Cold the Ate Pittsburgh (yep, still have it), which with my immune system makes just getting out of bed in the morning a challenge of heroic measure.

My “Go East To-Do List” got longer and longer, my cold got worse and worse, and year-end work requirements got more and more hectic until finally I shelved everything but sleeping and working (yes, this means I have whole nuther list of housekeeping to get caught up on … doh!). This would have been my first move as a homeowner and let me tell you, that ain’t easy.

Granted the buyers market is pretty good these days, but the sellers market? Not so much. So what to do and how much money would I need to put into the house in order to sell it? Too much to think about … it’s much harder than leaving an apartment! Ergo, not only am I not bummed that I didn’t get the job … truth be told, I’m a little relieved! And the guy who got the job? Really good guy who totally deserves it. Plus I get to use him as a SME for MRP … win-win!!
And still waaaay excited about my vacation countdown!!

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