Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sigh ... I'd Like Some Snow, Please

What? Am I in the only part of the country that has no snow? C'mon!! I want a foot of snow! Now! Okay, thats out of my system (for now).

When I get home for vacation I'd better see one of these babies ... almost six years of searching for the elusive Prudence Island Harbor Seal every time I go back home has yielded me nothing, I tell you ... nothing! This after fourteen years of never seeing one when I was a Bay local. Sheesh.

C'mon vacation ... c'mon vacation ... c'mon vacation. Yes! Just you wait 'til the countdown is over.

Oh, and what is the deal with media personalities telling us how old some dead celebrity would have been today if only, you know, he, she, or it weren't ... wait for it ... dead. I don't care who he, she, or it was ... there is little chance he, she, or it would be 118 today if he, she, or it weren't dead ... because ... nobody is living to be 118, you idiots! Sheesh!

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