Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weekly Idol: Top 5 – Sinatra!

I love Sinatra … one of my absolute favorites (among very, very many) is Summer Wind.  Love it, love it, love it.

The thing about Sinatra is he’s iconic, so in order to do well in the AI world on a Sinatra song, I really think you have to  … wait for it … you know I ‘m going there (I have been all season long) … think outside the box, people! CHANGE IT UP, as it were. And what is the deal with Simon? He’s just been phoning it in lately, no?

Okay, tonight:

Lee Dewyze, That’s Life … Best. Of. The. Night. Period.

Michael Lynch, The Way You Look Tonight … fantastic (HAH! you thought I’d be all “SUCKAGE!”, didn’t you?) but I do have a but, and here it is … Kris Allen did it much, much better just last year, and his is my gold standard for AI renditions. But almost the best of the night, with only Lee doing better (you know Lee? My favorite? Yeah, that Lee).

Crystal Bowersox, Summer Wind … my song! MY SONG!! Started slow, but ended beautifully. Yes, the beginning seemed a little too soft for the backing music. But that wrap up? Lovely.  

Casey James, Blue Skies … his voice sounded a little weak (I fully expected Ryan to pull out the infamous AI laryngitis treatment), but I liked it, for real.

Aaron Kelly, Fly Me to the Moon … Very “Glee”, as in … High School Musical, as in … high school musical, as in … simply not good enough.  VOTED OFF

Of those remaining I still favor Lee, Crystal, and then Casey … the rest can go, in the words of Timberlake and (former) crew, “Bye Bye Bye!” But based on tonight's performances, Aaron should be packing his bags (IMHO ... well, not very H at all, really).

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