Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekly Idol: Top 3 – Semifinals

I so love it that the final three are more rock than pop … more BAM than zip.  I love rock, totally, completely, explicitly … doesn’t matter the generation, be it old school or new, rock just plain rocks my world.

And to have the final three of the biggest pop-fest in America be rockers tells me that my peeps may well be universal. Way cool.

Okay, I’m telling you … Lee blew the night away with two very strong performances, hands down.  Casey then edged Crystal out for second best (in my humble opinion).

Idol’s Selections:

Lee Dewyze, Simple Man … how much do I LOVE that Lee did Skynyrd on AI?  ToInfinityAndBeyond! much!  Skynyrd! And a great job!  Fan-freaking-tastic!

Casey James, Okay, It’s All Right With Me … I’ve never even heard of the song or the artist before, but I loved it. Take a cup of Seger, couple ounces Cocker, just a pinch of Mraz, a tablespoon of 311, and top it off with just a dash of David Grey. Splendid. Gimme more. VOTED OFF

Crystal Bowersox, Come to My Window … not her best, little bit screechy, but solid. I kind of expected more, you know?

Judge’s Selections:

Lee Dewyze, Hallelujah … can I just say that I’m not enamored of this song? It irritates me no end. It just doesn’t strike me as the kind of song to be whispered (or whatever the heck Buckley did to it). Not one of my favorites, so I was all “SUCK!” when Simon picked it. Then my man Lee came out and did a perfect job of it. Best. Rendition. Ever. Actually brought a tear to my eye. Oh, beautiful.

Casey James, Daughters … I totally expected Casey to collapse on this; could they have done any more to set him up to fail? I have to laugh because I was revising my opinion as I was writing it during Casey’s performance.  Didn’t like how he started out, but fell in love by the end. It’s tough to do Mayer, because he’s in a league of his own, stylistically, so you have to really make it different, or duplicate it exactly. I thought Casey was trying (and failing) to duplicate Mayer, until he slipped away and actually did make it his own. Sweet. VOTED OFF

Crystal Bowersox, Maybe I’m Amazed … horrible song choice! Blecht! Poor Crystal didn’t stand a chance; she’s not even remotely this type musician. Wow. Bad week for Crystal.

Seeing as my wishes have been granted in the AI universe lately, I’m going to keep on keeping on wishing for Lee to go all the way … and either Casey or Crystal to runner-up (I’m good with either, although if I have to admit my preference, it’s Casey … that voice!  I love that voice!).

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