Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekly Idol: Top 4 – Songs From the Movies

I’m living proof that music frees the soul, because it certainly frees mine. It releases the chains that strap me down in daily life; unwilling to show the emotion that boils directly beneath the surface of the me I let the world see.

For me, music releases dreams to flight and sets the score to the imagination … which is the main reason why I simply love a good soundtrack. If I’m watching a movie (or television series) and the music not only emphasizes the scene but brings a deeper element to life, then that song or score stays with me forever.

My three (you didn’t expect me to have just one, did you?) favorite Masters of Movie Music, mainly due to consistency of excellence, are John Williams, Danny Elfman, and Quentin Tarantino. Although completely different stylistically, they have set the bar for me.

So how did tonight measure up? Weeeeeell, let’s face it, the duets were marvelous:

DUET – Crystal & Lee, Falling Slowly … I love this song, love it, love it, love it; these two started slow and frankly had a HUGE possibility to be horrible, but then they made a magnificent changeover to rock, which (let’s face it) is their shared bailiwick. Looks like I’ll now have three versions of this gem in my iPod: the original artists, Kris Allen, and now these two. Great job; lovely. Best overall performance of the night.

DUET – Casey & Mike, Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman … terrific; almost as good as Crystal's and Lee's duet.

As for the solo performances, here’s how they hit me:

Casey James, Mrs. Robinson … I like Casey more and more every week; that little tremor he gets going; nice, very nice. This was sweet, for reals. I especially liked … almost everything about it. It was like Eddie Vedder meets the Beatles meets Simon & Garfunkel ... I can't wait to hear the full version. Best solo performance of the night.

Lee Dewyze, Kiss From a Rose … not his best performance ever, but nothing wrong with it either; we all know Lee’s pitchy, but for me it enhances his work because it occurs during the moments when the emotions of the ‘first person perspective’ should have impact. Beautiful.

Crystal Bowersox, I’m Alright … hee hee hee heh heh, oh, gasp! It is so flipping fun to watch this little girl GO. She’s like, “make me.” Every. Single. Week. “Make me do it your way, c’mon, make me.” Not. Bloody. Likely. Well done.

(Melodramatic) Michael Lynch, Will You Be There … ergh – bored now; he simply does nothing for me. Nothing (solo, at least … he was swell in his duet, though). VOTED OFF

Hunh, this is more difficult than expected. Based on tonight’s solo performances Michael is done (in my view … I’m sure someone else will get booted, though, because I appear to be all biased against poor Mikey or something, seeing as he annoys the living daylights out of me but the rest of the nation appears to love him).

I want the top three to be Lee, Crystal, and Casey. Who’d a thunkit (um yeah, that, my friends, was sarcasm … I’ve been leaning this way for weeks).

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