Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekly Idol - Finals

Wow.  So, if America uses tonight's performance as the litmus for the latest Idol, then Crystal's got it hands-down. She was fantastic, from song choice to vocals to arrangements.

But. Lee's still my fave, so I'm hoping folk recall that three weeks plus of just 'meh' from Crystal as well as a final powerhouse performance does not a best-of-the-best performer make (please please please).

Besides, have I mentioned how I want Lee to win?  Because that would mean that for the three seasons I have been watching, I am 3 for 3.  SO VOTE LEE 'MURRICA, VOTE LEE.

Oh, well ... since I haven't the time or the energy to vote for Lee a million times over to ensure his win, it's rawther a good thing that I like Crystal, too.  Besides, really, who thinks either won't go on to make music?

Yeah, me neither.

YES, Dad ... Crystal did better t-o-n-i-g-h-t. But Lee's betterer. Huh, so THERE.   What I really think is that Crystal is not so much a pop star as she is an indie/folkie/rockster ... I think she'd do solid awesome in intimate settings, whereas Lee can rock the arena, so to speak.

I have spoken ... er, wroten ... er, bloggened.

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