Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weekly Idol: Top 11, Michael Jackson Week

Here’s how I ranked the gang this week (the guys really outperformed the gals to my mind). I just wish someone would teach this crew how not to blow into their mics!

Matt Giraud (Human Nature) – 10 out of 10. Fantastic!! Love him! Just the fall on the line, “tell ‘em that it’s human nature” was so splendiferously melodious. Yummy. I rewound and watched three times! He puts me in mind of Ben Affleck, looks-wise. Cutie-patootie to boot! I’ll buy it off iTunes.

Daney Gokey (P.Y.T – Pretty Young Thing) – 9 out of 10. Seriously fun … the Energizer Bunny of the night. I am deep in the throes of mad love for Danny; he totally got me with the change-up at the beginning – loved it! And how he plays to the audience? Nice. “Let me take you to the max!” I’ll buy it off iTunes.

Michael Sarver (You Are Not Alone) – 9 out of 10. How thrilled am I the big lug scored a slam dunk? Very!! This is just what I was looking for out of Michael … to put his money where his mouth is, and he did! This is exponentially better than last week. Now I know why he’s in it. Just to sing this song. To me. “And girl you know that I’ll be there.” I’ll buy it off iTunes.

Adam Lambert (Black or White) – 8 out of 10. Adam’s not my kind of singer, but there’s no denying he’s by far the most arena-ready of the gang. I’m thinking he’d be great as the lead singer in a stadium band that goes the full monty on pageantry, y’know? A modern take on Queen or Journey … something like that.

Lil Rounds (The Way You Make Me Feel) – 8 out of 10. Hella voice, great play to the audience, song was just okay. Lil’s got such a great voice and presence; she’s going to make it or break it on song choice alone, and this song was beneath her talent.

Allison Iraheta (Give in to Me) – 8 out of 10. Holy guacamole, this kid is terrific! Love her voice, but the song choice? Meh (shrug). Astonishing talent nonetheless.

Kris Allen (Remember the Time) – 8 out of 10. Surprised you here, didn't I? Well, I really like his voice, but he does have the potential to become this season’s Jason: man-child of the vapid daze. This song did nothing for me because the backing vocal track didn’t match what Kris was trying to do. The fact that he could pull it off at all speaks volumes for his musical potential, though. The guitar was unnecessary, but no distraction … seemed more like a security blanket than anything else.

Scott McIntyre (Keep the Faith) – 7 out of 10. Here's the thing; I actually don’t know this song, but I thoroughly enjoyed Scott’s rendition of it; he was able to make this unfamiliar song interesting and was fully comfortable with the run-outs. Good, solid performance.

Alexis Grace (Dirty Diana) – 6 out of 10. Oh no! Horrible, awful, awful song choice! It’s just a shrieking mess on the best of days. Alexis did very well (love that soulful growl of hers) until it ran away with her at the end.

Megan Joy Corkrey (Rockin’ Robin) – 6 out of 10. Still love her voice/style, but not a great song choice … so safe! All it did was bring to mind the jukebox at Arnold’s in Happy Days, or a Debbie Fisher sing-along in some old musical.

Jorge Nunez (Never Can Say Goodbye) – 6 out of 10. Very smooth voice, but this song selection made him sound like a lounge singer on a cruise ship, or someone on an easy-listening radio station.

Anoop Desai (Beat It) – 4 out of 10. Poor Anoop, I thought it was almost a solid performance: his voice cracked a couple times and he seemed a little nervous. But I also think to sing this particular song well the contestant would have had to have made significant style changes, much like David Cook last season, to move it away from how Michael Jackson sings it, because ain’t nobody can sing it like Mike … to try is just karaoke imitation.

Jasmine Murray (I’ll Be There) – 3 out of 10. Terrific voice, but another who’s song choice hurt her. This time because it’s too bubble-gum. Yes, it showed off her range, but there was absolutely no emotional connection. Another karaoke performance.

I’d be surprised if the two to get voted off don’t come from the last four on this list (Megan, Jorge, Anoop, and Jasmine). we'll see tonight.

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