Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Word Jumble


I don’t know what it is, but it sure as heck sounds good. So now I’m looking for a really good local Greek restaurant. If this stuff is half as good as a Gyro? Well then, I’m set for life. And Dave, if you want to point me to a recipe I’m all “yay, goodness!” about the idea.

Stolen from Sundry (take that, internet mores!)

She had questions around the H1N1 vaccine yesterday (speaking from the perspective of someone with a pesky compromised immune system, I am all for it), and one of her respondents gave her a terrific decision-making tool I plan to add to my how-will-i-feel-about-this-in-10 rule (so I guess I’m actually performing a double-steal … good in baseball, prolly not so good in industrial espionage):

1 - What’s the worst that could happen?
2 - What’s the best that could happen?
3 - How often does #1 happen?
4 - How often does #2 happen (get your mind out the potty!)?
5 - How do I feel about that?

Bank of Mom&Dad

Wednesdays on Soapnet: a new television program where each week the parents of a woman who’s sure money grows on trees move in and teach her that, nope, those are just leaves … as soon as my folks see this they’ll be all, “What?!? Someone got paid for that idea? Where were these brainiac t.v. programmers three years ago when we pretty much developed it? Somebody better spell our name right on the fat royalty check that better be on the way.” And all I have to say is, “Thank you, Mom and Dad … you ROCK!

Regarding Make-Up

When I wear foundation I feel like I think I would feel if my face were spackled. I believe I may be doing it wrong. I’m not interested in learning the ‘correct’ technique for applying make-up (but knowing how to spackle may come in handy).

Roman Polanski

On the one hand there has to be a statute of limitations, right? And do I really want my legal system to spend the money?
On the other hand, the tool drugged and raped a thirteen year old child. A child.
Book him, Danno.

Garbage In / Garbage Out

Seriously handsome tech came out and installed our new garbage disposal this afternoon. Quite the eye candy treat (I refuse to dwell on the fact that I may well be old enough to be his … aunt). So of course what happens? He asks to use the loo. Which I did not have time to give a quick run-through, seeing as The Hotness pulled into the driveway rightbehind me when I got home. Sigh. I can’t win. Even my fantasies engage in the suckage.

The “L” That Flew Away

When I was a kid I asked my Mom two (un)related questions:
“Why do they call it a Health Bar when it’s candy?”
“How come they call it public hair when you don’t want anyone to see it?”

I Harbor Mad-Love for Spike Jonze

(And I have since, oh … a little “Praise You” dance number featuring the Torrance Community Dance Group … or maybe it was poor sweet Conrad Vig “we three kings be stealin’ the gold …”). There. I said it. Aaaaaand … I can’t wait for Where the Wild Things Are. Can. Not. Wait.

So Much Better than Moore

I’m told that if I plan to see just one documentary about the state of the economy I should skip Moore’s ‘Capitalism’ and check out Chris Smith’s ‘Collapse’, which features Michael Ruppert’s POV. You remember Ruppert, don’t you? No? Think hard; anything coming to mind about that dude who foretold this ‘economic downturn’ (e.g., downward-spiraling-recession … um, just where does a recession go when it’s going down, anyway?). Still no? Check out his book ‘Crossing The Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil' … and then scream in frustration that you didn’t know about it when it came out in 2004.

Still Annoyed with NBC

Okay, I freely admit to being a watchaholic (…must … have … television…). No, I will not be joining any 12-step programs. Yes, still mighty annoyed at NBC (and Jay Leno, for that matter). In what world is it better to shut down production (and employment) for five programs and replace them with lame banter? Apparently in NBCLand. So now? If I have to choose twixt watch and DVR and do without? NBC ranks ‘do without’ every time, regardless. That’ll learn ‘em for betraying my vice. Pbbbt!


Rassles said...

Public Hair.

I'm laughing. Really.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

The “L” That Flew Away

When I was a kid I asked my Mom two (un)related questions:
“Why do they call it a Health Bar when it’s candy?”
“How come they call it public hair when you don’t want anyone to see it?”


Hmmm, guess I need to put up my spanakopita (there are a gajillion different spellings) recipe. It's basically spinach and feta inside multiple layers of oliveoiled fillo pastry, then baked to perfection. Awesomely delicious. You can serve it hot or cold, great side dish to any greek meal.

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