Saturday, September 5, 2009

Awesome Doc Checks In

Got the call ... Most of Joey's bloodwork is complete; just the thyroid left to go, and those results won't be in 'til next week.

No diabetes (yay!) but he is in the early stages of kidney disease, or Chronic Renal Failure (boo!), so I'll be taking him back in next week and Awesome Doc will show me how to administer Lactated Ringers subcutaneously, which he'll prolly need twice a week. I'm not too worried, since I already give myself a subq injection every other week, so it's not like I'm a stranger to needles.

This should make a big difference in a few of Joeys problem areas, as it should result in increased appetite and alertness, weight gain, decreased water consumption and urination, elimination of foamy vomitus, and he may regain some of those wasted muscles! P'AWESOME!!

The main problem will still be diet, seeing as I had him on the k/d prescription diet until he refused to eat it anymore ... we'll try IAMS for kidney disease to see if that may ne a better match.

Anyway ... things are looking up.

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