Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bleh ... Stupid Stuff

Man, I cannot seem to drag myself out of the end-of-Summer doldrums.
  • I want the new Fall television season to start. Right now. Tired of waiting. No need to have a 'break' between end of Summer programming and start of Fall programming. Stupid network programmers and their stupid limited budgets.
  • I want the local stations to broadcast every Patriots game this season. In MO. Stupid living halfway across the country from my home team.
  • I want those lame extra-tall paperbacks to go away. All they do is add a year onto how long I have to wait for the 'right' size paperback to come out. Refuse to read them. That'll learn ya, stupid diabolical publishing house plot with your stupid money-making schemes. The world is on a budget, people!
  • I want to know why it's such a bad thing for the dooce to complain about barely-there customer service when its quite all right thank you very much for her to sing the praises of good customer service. Stupid customer disservice.
  • I want to know that all dogs, and cats, really do go to Heaven. Stupid old age.
  • I want Dr. Laura to make the decision for me Saturday. Stupid running away from my responsibilies.
  • I want Joey to get well, and younger while I'm at it. Stupid death and grief and sadness. Stupid snuffling every night while putting the pats on him. Stupid in love with my 17 year old little man. Stupid can't remember life without him. Stupid indecision.
  • I want to leave this funk behind and never look back. Stupid.

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