Monday, June 15, 2009

Yep, That's Me ... Hypocrite!

For someone who claims not to like reality programming I sure do come down on the wrong side of the I-only-like-the-classy-one argument … I mean, I bloomin’ love I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

I’ve been waiting what feels like years for this to be on … last time I watched the dude who was married to J Lo for like a minute won it.

And this year has me laughing out loud repeatedly. That former model chick? Cuh-ray-zee! And not … no …no …NO not … in a good way. I’d need Dr. Drew to diagnose that hot mess, but I’m thinking some form of narcissism is a check-list must-have.

And the Baldwin brothers? Awesome! I have loved Daniel Baldwin since he was on Homicide; Life on the Street, and am sorely miffed that he was voted off . When he and Stephen erupted in giggles over the repeated phrase “Where’s the granola bar?” I chortled in glee right along with them ... it snapped me back to my youth with my two big brothers getting all goofy like that. Ah, family … too fun and too funny! And the Baldwins are normal!

Then there’s Patti Blagojevich, who’s been nothing but a class act so far, which, I have to admit, now has me thinking second thoughts about her hubby’s troubles. Not that that’s such a stretch for me … what with my huge mistrust of the (exceedingly biased) media these days, who pretty much control all thought world-wide by proliferating whatever they want, information-wise.

And young Sanjaya Malakar, who was on American Idol one of the seasons before I started watching, and became a national joke footnote? Turns out to be this really, really, really sweet and goofy kid. Who’d have thought? Not me.

And Speidi (ho boy!) was just so young and clueless as to be completely inoffensive … it’s like blaming the two-year-old for going through the terrible twos ... these kids are a perfect example of youth being a currency only the young can waste.

Not being into wrestling or basketball, I’d never heard of Torrie Wilson or John Salley, but they’ve been entertaining thus far, and seem nice enough people (I mean, I know the show is edited, but these guys must be exhausted and stressed out, and no-one … besides Miss Half-a-Nutbag … has gone too far down Crazy Lane to date).

Which brings me to Lou. How can you not love Lou? He was Richie Valenz, and Angel Guzman, and Jose Chavez y Chavez, and Hank (in one of my favorite guilty pleasures to this day), and Monfriez, and Cisco, and George Lopez! And he is … every so often … Agent Ian Edgerton … aaaaaaaaand … I hear he has a part in the new Stargate, and you know how much I love me some Stargate!

So I’ll just keep on watching my latest guilty pleasure from the comfort of my air-conditioned home while these most entertaining folk suffer for my enjoyment (that’s half the draw, isn’t it?). At the end of it all, the fact they’re doing this for charity is pretty darn cool, and excessively decent of them. Rock on, celebrity B-listers!

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