Friday, June 19, 2009

Where Are Those Bootstraps, Anyway?

I’m bored … and cranky. Why’s it have to be so lame this time of year? Nothing good on the boob tube, nothing good in magazines, too hot to go out, don’t have the attention span to read a substantive book, don’t want to work, don’t want to play, miss my friends, just want to whine and whinge and be a boogarhead in general.

I feel like a kid … I want to follow my Mom around the house, lamenting my boredom but completely unwilling to take her up on any suggested activities, “that’s so stupid”, “nobody does that anymore”, blah, blah, blah, blibiddy-blah.

What am I, eight? Got to get out of this funk.

Part of it has been work, which has been difficult lately (prolly why they don’t call it “Chocolate Thunder from Down Under” or “happy fun time”, no?) … I’ve been betrayed by my own expectations. This was the first job I’ve had in a long-and-long time that I really and truly enjoyed, but that all changed and it’s been a long, uphill battle to regain my footing.

I was severely sabotaged by a horrible troll of a barely-passes-as human miserable wench (I’m trying to clean up my language), and my boss has finally started making noises that he may have been misled. Really? Really. Sigh. Because obvious hard work and dedication are such suspicious behaviors.

So I’m re-thinking my options; coming up with a plan, as it were.

Part of the silver lining to this cloud is my Most Awesome Bastard Ray Doc has determined I am vitamin d3 deficient, and started me on 50,000IU/week. So I looked up vitamin d3 deficiency and found out these are the symptoms:
  • depression and/or seasonal affective disorder (hmm)
  • fatigue (well, duh)
  • diminished cognitive function and/or memory loss, (not touching that)
  • auto-immune disease and/or immunodifiencies (as if that Bastard Ray's methotrexate wasn't problem enough)
  • increased susceptibility to chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, tuberculosis, cancer, periodontal disease, multiple sclerosis, etc. (since we are of the opinion a massive periodontal infection opened to door to that Bastard Ray ...)

I start my weekly supplement tomorrow, thereby increasing the number of Bastard Ray related meds from three to four. I tell you, I cannot wait for this to kick in. Knowing my grrrr-arrrgh attitude may not be entirely my doing does make it somewhat easier to bear.

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