Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Well, I Laughed ... and it WAS Sweet

Okay, this just tickled my funnybone: my boss handed out Christmas presents to his direct reports today. Which was really quite sweet (those of you who are in the know about the history of his tenure understand why I say that) ... it's been a number of years since a manager here has given gifts, and Boss came in from his vacation to do so, bringing his little girls to pass out the gifts (they're jonesing for tomorrow to arrive so badly they've got the dt's).

And when Boss got to me he felt it necessary to explain, quite apologetically, that while he had gotten the others gifts that fit what he knew of their personalities, he hadn't been able to do that for me (for various reasons we rarely interact), so had resorted to getting me a gift card instead.

I couldn't for the life of me figure out why he felt bad about that (I mean, really, what kind of an ass scoffs at a Christmas present, for goodness sake?), so I put his mind at ease and thanked him for being so thoughtful. We all wished one another a merry Christmas and that was it.

Awhile later I opened the card and pulled out the gift certificate. Guess where its from? This is the part I find very funny ... its from Kohl's!! Bless his heart, Boss is telling me I need to work on my wardrobe!!! HAH hah hah hee hee hoo hoo hoo!!! Not really, but that was the first thing that popped into my head because the only thing I get from Kohl's is clothes.

Okay, maybe not funny to the rest of you, but here's the sitch; I work in a manufacturing facility where I wear dungarees and logoed shirts every day, with a hard hat and steel-toed shoes (granted the shoes are Sketchers pink and white sneakers, and the hard hat is canary yellow), and I'm tall, so half my dungarees are highwaters because I seriously dislike shopping and generally buy multiple colors of the same thing and last time I got the wrong size but didn't realize until after I'd washed them.

So anyway, I'll be using my shiny new gift card to get a new pair of dungarees, and I'll make sure they fit (no bright white socks peeking out between the cuff of my dungarees and the top of my shoe!). And the best part is, this is the best gift he could have given me!! I love gift cards, they let me pick out exactly what I want!

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