Friday, December 12, 2008

New Jersey Update

I got that initial interview for the position in NJ … had it over the phone Monday morning with the man I’d be direct-reporting to. It lasted a bit more than an hour, and I was very nervous (I do not enjoy selling myself). I way over-prepared for it, and thought I annihilated any chance I had at the job.

Then the HR guy called and said it went well. Go figure.

I’ve been driving Dad crazy throughout, poring over the job description with him, coming up with discussion topics and areas of opportunity, then sending him notes from the interview and coming up with additional subject matter for a follow-up discussion with my will-be boss (hey, there is nothing wrong with the power of positive thinking, people).

I told Dad tonight that when I get the job (more positive thinking) I’m going to have to pay him commission for all the work he’s done. In the vernacular, “true that”.

So, keep thinking those good thoughts that I get to (and through) the next step, which will be callback interviews, and I'll keep you posted.

Oh! Aaaaand ... my wreath from Mom came today!! I love it, love it, love it ... and Mom sends one every year because we love the cardinal on it (makes me think of Valley Rd, and how "our" cardinals used to sit on the fence in the backyard). Sigh. Now it really feels like Christmas.

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