Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wake Up!!!

So I jumped out of bed this morning, let the dogs out, hopped in the shower, toweled off, let the dogs back in, brushed my teeth, blew dry my … GRRR! … unwashed … hair. Argh! How does THAT happen?!? I have the exact same routine eh-hev-vary morning, but apparently THIS morning I decided to skip a step.


I have one of those heads of hair that must. Be. Washed. Daily. Not every other day. Not every three days (I so wish I could get away with washing my hair every few days … how luscious that would be). No, if I don’t wash my hair daily, I end up with stringy strands of greasy locks that much resemble a used mop head. Ick poo. And since I’m not an emo boy, Johnny Depp, or Rob Pattinson, greasy hair just doesn’t cut it. But then again, apparently my sebaceous glands KICK ASS! So there’s that.

Moving on … I then got to spend the day with the itchiest head evah … but only in my MAGNIFICENT imagination, which made it worse than if it had been in reality. Because I say so. Meh. Sigh … now all I need are the zits, and I can be a teen all over again.

And Maryann? I’m old enough to be their AUNT!

NOT their mother!


Oh my goodness, that’s prolly worse …

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